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Continuing my proud tradition of putting together lego every…once and a while. Today I made the ‘Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape.’, the lego set that I have been looking for quite the while, actually. (actually anything with Loki, really.)

And of course, I had to take out Bilbo and play around a bit.

登録カテゴリ: Bilbo Baggins Loki The Avengers Iron Man Hawkeye Can you imagin how mad loki would be if he met the dwarves? espesially what happend after Nidavellir? The Hobbit

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Wonderful Girl: EMH, Movie Avengers and Avengers Assemble summed up


While reading Comic Book Therapy’s article “Jeph Loeb Reveals Upcoming Marvel Animated Projects” the following paragraph got my attention

Loeb said that Assemble is made to speak to and have a closer feel to the live-action movie released last summer. It will be fun and have the same epic…

登録カテゴリ: earths mightiest heroes the avengers avengers assemble EMH had a good run though died to early but it had a good run but it went out in a high note and for that I am happy :)