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Last night I watched Disney’s latest animated feature, Frozen, for the first time. I didn’t love it. Do you hate me now?

Believe it or not, I was able to avoid all spoilers about Frozen. A Herculean feat, let me tell you. Not only did our readers have a lot to say in the comments of our review, we posted a new Frozen video or fan art several times a week. Why? Because people are gaga over the animated film. Frozen was everywhere, it was the best Disney film in years, etc., etc., etc. That’s why I was supremely confused, and more than a little bit scared, after I watched it and wasn’t blown away. Was there something wrong with me?

Let It Go I Didn’t Like Disney’s Frozen And That’s OK | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

I didn’t love it either! And when I tell people this, they look at my like I kicked a puppy or something.


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