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I have an amazing ability to write myself into holes.

The beginning of everything I write is awesome, but then it just falls apart and I haven’t even gotten to the part I actually want to write about.

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Okay so I want to describe what this one person I was following was doing that was making me so angry at her because it is still annoying me. Caution, mild ranting ahead.

Imagine your fandom is an elementary class, and your Ship is a blank piece of paper. Everyone can paint that piece of paper any colour they want to suit themselves. Red, Blue, Green, sparkles with a mixture of colour. Or you can just keep it blank, You don’t want to colour it, it was fine in the first place.

Now this girl liked to paint her pieces of paper pink, because pink was her favourite colour in the world. There was nothing wrong with pink. In fact the classroom needed a lot more pink. But then the girl started to verbally attack the other kids who where painting their pieces of paper Blue.

"There is too much blue!" she would scream. Singling out the one colour but ignoring the rest. None of the other kids fought about the colours, they knew that everyone’s colour was their own business and respected that.

"You are erasing the colour pink by paining it blue!" she would yell, like the piece of paper was pink all along. It wasn’t, it was a blank piece of paper that anyone could paint any colour they wanted.

You try to explain to her, that everyone has a right to paint their pieces of paper any colour they want. But still she complains about the people who painted the blank piece of paper blue, adamant that “Pink is the true colour.” That blue painters are physically hurting her by painting the blank piece of paper blue and that they are erasing all the other colours as well. 

Eventually I got so sick and tired of the hypocrisy of this pink girl that I unfollowed her.

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