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Thor Script

Due to suggestion from my film making buddies I am reading Movie scripts, and the first one I decided to look at was ‘Thor’. Already I notice differences, but some of them are adorable. Like Odin/Frigga, so adorable. Here is the deleted scene with the kissing part.

          (re: Thor's helmet)
          Nice feathers.

          You don't really want to start this
          again, do you, Cow?

          I was being sincere!

          You're incapable of sincerity.

          Am I?
          He looks his brother in the eye, all pretense lost.

          LOKI (CONT'D)
          I've looked forward to this day as
          long as you have. You're my
          brother and my friend. Sometimes
          I'm envious, but never doubt that I
          love you.

 Thor searches his brother's face, sees no trace of irony. He's either speaking from his heart or he's a very, very good liar. Maybe both. Thor puts an appreciative hand on his brother's shoulder. THOR Thank you. The two brothers take in the moment a beat, then: LOKI Give us a kiss. THOR Stop. Thor makes the final adjustments to his ceremonial wear.

登録カテゴリ: HAHAHAHA! Its like reading fan fictions! Thor Loki Its so honest give us a kiss

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